Hyperlane App Framework

Create interchain applications with the Hyperlane Application SDK

Hyperlane provides an optional framework that helps developers create and manage applications built on top of interchain smart contracts. It is designed primarily for applications which leverage the shared state model and symmetric communication patterns such as the Router pattern. Note that this is a more fully feature abstraction that requires a learning curve. If you are just looking to try out Hyperlane, we recommend for you to look at the Getting started page with the Quickstarts first.

Solidity SDK

The classes in the @hyperlane-xyz/core package help you write interchain contracts intended to be deployed on multiple networks.


The classes in the @hyperlane-xyz/sdk package help you manage and interact with Hyperlane applications on multiple networks. The building experience is familiar to smart contract developers, but a test and deployment framework is provided to accelerate the development lifecycle. Furthermore, the app abstraction helps developers productionize their apps into a seamless browser experience.

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