Example apps

Examples of different interchain applications using Hyperlane

Example apps of integrating Hyperlane contracts and building interchain apps on top of other smart contracts. These projects are primary winners of Hyperlane prizes from different hackathons.

Mukutu Safe

Mukutu Router (formerly Safe Hyperlane Router) is a Safe app for managing assets and interacting with smart contracts and dapps on multiple chains from one Safe account. Check out Mukutu Safe link repo

Hyperlane EIP-5164 Implementation

EIP-5164 defines a cross-chain execution interface for EVM-based blockchains allowing contracts on one chain to call contracts on another. This repo contains an implementation of EIP-5164 that uses Hyperlane as the transport layer. Check out Hyperlane EIP-5164


App that enables to swap Goerli ETH for Arbitrum Mainnet. Permissionlessly built app using Hyperlane’s Warp Route contracts. Check out Faucetful

Mumbai Hyperlane

Warp Route UI deployed between Goerli ETH and Mumbai. Check out Mumbai Hyperlane contracts. Check out Mumbai Hyperlane App

Chain Agnostic Mint

Using Hyperlane contracts to Mint cross chain NFTs. Check out Chain Agnostic Mint contracts. Check out Chain Agnostic Mint Demo


Decentralised P2P oracle platform with a cross-chain reputation system for digital identities. Our goal is to bring reliable real-world data of any kind on-chain. Check out deOracle App. Check out deOracle app devpost page

Gani Wallet

A cross-chain Account Abstraction wallet with modular and composable security settings. You can trustlessly compose one-time passcode, password, guardian wallet, for different types of transactions. Check out Gani Wallet, Gani Wallet thread


A cross-chain DAO governance tool to increase participation within a delegation with on-chain reminders and cross chain accessibility. Check out GoatVoter


Decentralized browser game where you level-up an NFT hero by collecting gear and training the hero across different chains using Hyperlane. Check out NFTArena


Collection of on-chain board games minted as dynamic NFTs, transferable to any chain using Hyperlane. Check out Onchainga.me


Cross-chain platform that enables users to batch and deposit in dApps on any chain from one interface. Check out Noca


A platform bringing cross-chain utility to tokenized carbon instruments. You can trade and retire carbon credits from any EVM chain. Check out Mundo


Enabling funcionalities to be cross-chain. Funcsion did one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen, using Hyperlane to bring unique functionality from one VM to others. Specifically, they brought verifiable randomness function (VRF) from Moonbeam to other EVMs. Check out Funcsion


Decentralized knowledge/quiz platform. You can set up pools for prizes and those voted as the best answers win the pools. Check out PlayAstra


Gasless, interchain NFT interface/bridge that lets developers easily create and manage interchain NFTs. Check out Yotsuha


An interchain game where you collect and battle monsters. The monster NFTs are dynamic and change stats as you move to different chains. Check out MultiMon


A simple and easy tool to test cross-chain protocols. A set of helper contracts, one per cross-chain protocol, that is designed to help you simulate as closely as possible how the cross-chain transaction would go. Check out Pigeon

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