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At present, most interoperability protocols must be permissioned due to their security model. Developers have to request support for their desired networks from interoperability platforms, which is not sustainable as the number of chains increases.

Hyperlane solves this problem by modularizing security, allowing for permissionless interoperability.

Permissionless interoperability

Permissionless Interoperability allows you to deploy Hyperlane anywhere, anytime, without needing permission from a Hyperlane team or any external parties. It empowers you to have full control over your project's destiny and brings interoperability features to any blockchain, appchain, or rollup.

Key features of Hyperlane's permissionless and modular design:

  1. Expand to any environment without relying on external parties.

  2. Customizable security models with Interchain security modules.

  3. Move value anywhere, permissionlessly.

Hyperlane believes that permissionless interoperability will drive the adoption of new ecosystems and increase interchain interoperability across all environments. The modular security design minimizes risk, even at the weakest points.

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