The easiest way to integrate with Hyperlane

Inheriting from HyperlaneConnectionClient is a simple way to ensure your contract knows where to send or receive interchain messages to or from.

This mix-in contract maintains a pointers to the three contracts Hyperlane developers may need to interact with:

  1. Mailbox (required)

  2. InterchainGasPaymaster (optional)

HyperlaneConnectionClient exposes functions that allow subclasses to easily send messages to the Mailbox via the mailbox storage variable, and permission message delivery via the onlyMailbox modifier.

import {HyperlaneConnectionClient} from "@hyperlane-xyz/core/contracts/HyperlaneConnectionClient.sol";

contract HelloWorld is HyperlaneConnectionClient {
   * @notice Sends a "hello world" message to an address on a remote chain.
   * @param _destination The ID of the chain we're sending the message to.
   * @param _recipient The address of the recipient we're sending the message to.
  function sendHelloWorld(uint32 _destination, address _recipient) external {
    // The message that we're sending.
    bytes memory _message = "hello world";
    // Send the message! 
    mailbox.dispatch(_destination, _recipient, _message);

   * @notice Emits a HelloWorld event upon receipt of an interchain message
   * @param _origin The chain ID from which the message was sent
   * @param _sender The address that sent the message
   * @param _message The contents of the message
  function handle(
    uint32 _origin,
    bytes32 _sender,
    bytes memory _message
  ) external override onlyMailbox {
    emit HelloWorld(_origin, _sender, _message);


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